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Medicare Sport Elastic Wrist and Thumb Support Medium

 Low impact for minor sprains and strains 
 Provides effective support and protects strains and sprains
 Provides support for weak or overworked wrist joints
 Dual Tension Design combines effective support with maximum flexibility
 Dual Purpose helps prevent and treat injuries 
 Superior Design for maximum comfort and strength 
 Superior Strength support for weak, overworked joints 
 Eases discomfort and helps control swelling 

Medium Elasticated Wrist and Thumb Support 
The Medicare Sport Elastic Wrist and Thumb Support is a simple and effective support that stabilises the wrist and thumb together. It provides support for weak or overworked wrist and thumb joints. By minimising movement and offering additional support, the Elastic Wrist and Thumb Support works to aid rehabilitation for the wearer. Common conditions that require thumb and wrists supports include repetitive strain injury, fracture, and a sprained wrist. 
Thumb and wrist supports can be extremely useful in the treatment of sports injuries, accidental injury and workplace demands which affect this area of the body. 
The Medicare Sport Elastic Wrist and Thumb Support provides compression, support and protection for the wrist region during play. 
This Elasticated Support helps you to Rest, Protect and Heal your Wrist strain. 
Comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, this is a versatile and user-friendly support, suitable for sport and everyday use. 
Designed as a primary level of protection, the Elasticated Wrist Support helps to relieve pain and increase healing for minor wrist pains such as a sprain. 
A sprain can cause severe pain, swelling, tenderness, discoloration and lack of mobility. Strains and sprains are protected by the elastic bandage, while the compression helps with the pain and keeps the joint immobilised. The support is designed to help minimise further injury while its flexibility permits activity, which means the support is ideal for use in everyday activities as well as sport.

The product featured is Size Medium, please see the Medicare Sports range of Elasticated Wrist Supports, which include sizes in Small, Medium and Large. 
Size Medium: 5-8"/ 13-20cm (for correct size measure around joint/muscle)
Advice and Precautions: 
• Fibre Content: 30% Arcylic, 35% Polyamide, 18% Latex, 17% Polyester
• Contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reaction
•If the support is being used following a sprain seek medical advice if no improvement in the condition is seen within 72 hours. If the sprain is severe, or if in any doubt, seek medical advice immediately.

Care Instructions:
• Hand Wash Only
• Do Not Bleach
• Do Not Iron
• Do Not Dry clean
• Do Not Tumble Dry Pack Size :1
Product Features:
• Reinforced edges for durability
• Breathable fabric and contour design for proper fit and comfort
• 360 Degree Stretch
• Washable – retains elasticity after repeat washings 
• Light Compression Pack Size :1