Elastisk ankelstøtte

PrisNOK155,00 inkl. mva.


Size Small: 7-8"/ 17-20cm

Small Elasticated Ankle Support 

Product Features:
• Reinforced edges for durability
• Breathable fabric and contour design for proper fit and comfort
• 360 Degree Stretch
• Washable – retains elasticity after repeat washings 
• Light Compression

The Medicare Sport Elasticated Ankle Support is suitable for almost any type of strain or sprain. They are specially designed to provide support and compression during recovery and return to activity. This Elasticated Elbow Support helps you to Rest, Protect and Heal your Ankle strain. 
The support is designed for minor Ankle Pain associated with common sports injuries, like ankle sprain. The risk of a sprained ankle and other such injuries has been shown time and again to be significantly reduced by wearing ankle supports. Medicare Sport’s Elasticated Ankle Support provides fantastic support for the treatment and prevention of an ankle sprain, which is a highly common sports injury.
An ankle support works by providing physical restraint and reinforcing the supporting action of the ankle ligaments such as the anterior talofibula ligament, calcaneofibula ligament, deltoid ligament, tolonavicular ligament and posterior talofibula ligament. Ankle supports also provide sensory feedback to the sensory nerve around the ankle which improves a patient's sense of proprioception. This is the ability to know where a joint is positioned without looking at it. Compromised proprioception can lead to an ankle sprain so proprioception training forms a large part of sprained ankle rehabilitation during physiotherapy treatment.
Overall, by wearing an ankle support, the likeliness of twisting an ankle or rolling an ankle is greatly reduced.
Comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, this is a versatile and user-friendly support, suitable for sport and everyday use. 
 Low impact for minor sprains and strains 
 Provides effective support and protects strains and sprains
 Provides support for weak or overworked ankle joints
 Dual Tension Design combines effective support with maximum flexibility
 Dual Purpose helps prevent and treat injuries 
 Superior Design for maximum comfort and strength 
 Superior Strength support for weak, overworked joints 
 Eases discomfort and helps control swelling 

Size Small: 7-8"/ 17-20cm (for correct size measure around the smallest point above the ankle bone.)

Care Instructions:
• Hand Wash Only
• Do Not Bleach
• Do Not Iron
• Do Not Dry clean
• Do Not Tumble Dry Pack Size :1 Pack Size :1