Muskel & nervestimultor

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OMR81 • Omron Elite TENS machine is designed for the quick relief of acute muscle and nerve pain



• Pain is relieved through gentle stimulation

• Ideal for use by active people- flexible massaging experience helps with muscle and shoulder or neck stiffness

• Also soothes overall fatigue and improves blood circualtion in treated areas

• 9 automatic treatment programs

• Massage type selection - Tap, Knead, Push, Rub Soft mode

• Washable, durable long life pads

• Lead approx 39inch


Omron E2 Elite TENS Units Includes:

• Longlife, durable washable pads

• 3 year guarantee

• (2) AAA Batteries


The Omron E2 Professional is an Omron range of electronic nerve stimulators (ENS), which enable you to reduce and relieve your pain symptoms. The treatment alleviates muscle and nerve pain through gentle stimulation. With a lightweight and ergonomic design and 9 intelligent pre-programmed treatments for a wide variety of applications.


Tension headaches

Shoulder & arm pain

Pain in the neck vertebrae

Pain in the thoracic spine or in the lumbar spine

Hip and knee joint complaints

Pain in the ankle or heel

Pain in the Achilles tendon (achyllodynia)

Trigeminus neuralgia

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Polyneuropathy of the lower leg

Pain after a shingles infection

Intelligent pre-programmed treatments allow a wide variety of applications. Setting the device is easy and each programme stage is easy to monitor on a large display. Every programme and pulse rate per pad can be adjusted to increase/decrease intensity and frequency as required. Two large, easy-to-apply long-life pads are included.


Soothe away all kinds of pains with a range of flexible programs. Use gentle stimulation to relieve muscle and nerve pain symptoms. If you’re especially active, the massage function is very beneficial for muscle and shoulder or neck stiffness. With a range of different treatment programs, including a special ‘soft mode’, it’s perfect for soothing overall fatigue and improves blood circulation in the treated areas.